Saturday, 17 September 2011

2011 Honda Vario Series Facelift

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launched the New Honda Vario Series with a new look that makes it look more elegant, sporty and futuristic to satisfy consumer desires.

To maintain its existence as a pioneer scooter advance with hi-tech features, AHM Vario Series equip with the color and appearance of this new striping so the appearance will look more elegant, sporty and futuristic.

Vario CW appear with a new color-themed young and elegant striping. Vario Vario Techno and CBS also had a refresher on the color and theme striping striping using a more advanced and futuristic. Special Vario Techno, AHM add one color choices are green instead of blue to respond to consumer desires.
"We believe refreshment at Honda Vario series is increasingly able to satisfy the desire of consumers to the scooter in an elegant, sporty and futuristic and will strengthen Honda's penetration in the AT segment," said Director of Marketing AHM Auddie Alexander Wiranata.

Honda Vario Series with new colors and striping will be marketed starting in mid September 2011. Honda Vario CW marketed at a price of Rp 14.4 million, - (on the road in Jakarta) with a choice of 4 colors: Black Velvet, Glam Red, White and Emerald Green Posh, while Honda Vario Techno has a choice of 4 colors: Black Orion, Mars Red, Android Green and White Cosmic marketed at a price of Rp 14,900,000, - (on the road in Jakarta). The Honda Vario CBS will be marketed with a choice of 3 colors: Black Comet, Aurora and Andromeda Violet White with price of Rp 15,900,000, - (on the road in Jakarta).

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